It’s 2021-Time to Write

Been quite awhile since commenting. Too busy suing my University for gender discrimination(we won), moving back to New York, retiring from teaching and looking for a new job.

Stressful time?

No words.

I can say I have learned quite a bit. How being feminist doesn’t insulate against engaging in or receiving discriminatory behavior. But then, I’ve always given folks the benefit of the doubt. Foolish? Perhaps. Yet, it does keep me honest.

Two years looking for work. Overqualified? Indeed. But willing to work and isn’t it for me to decide. Finally offered a position in a DA Office. Coming full circle.

This position however coincided with the start of Covid-19. The result? Chaos added to total disorganization. Nothing like I had experienced, even as a fresh faced ADA in the Bronx where after two days, we had surpassed the new job in cases to prosecute. Two days.

This however requires its own blog. So, I invite you to tune in to this platform as well as the new blog. I promise new take on feminism, intersectionality & ideology— where nothing is sacred—except honesty and humor.

•Join me on this Journey•