12 June 2016

When Harvey Milk and George Mascone were murdered, there was a candle light march through the streets of San Francisco. A young man was standing along the route as the mourners silently walked past. This young man cried out “Where is your rage! Where is your rage!”

I thought of that moment and this question, whilst watching the vigils which stretched across the US and the world.  

Where is our rage?  

It is transformed into a fierce love; of ourselves, our significant others, our children and our LGBTI community and community of allies.  

Where is our rage?  

It is channeled into political action that will hold to account the purveyors of hate, whether cleric, politician, city clerk or members of Westboro or the Faith in Word Baptist Church.

Where is our rage? It shaped the work we do, the solidarity that defines us and the love we hold deeply in our hearts.

Where is our rage?

It is here

it is now, 

and tomorrow, 

and the tomorrow after that.  

We are the rage. 

 We are the rage that has become radical love and amazement.

And our rage? It shall not be defeated.

It Takes a Woman

Cruz, Rubio, Walker, Rand, Kasich, Huckabee and Santorum couldn’t do it.  None of the men running against The  Donald could bring him down.  Quite the opposite, Donald threw each one-like a piece of cheap wood – onto the political pyre.  And burn they did.

It wasn’t until Hillary Clinton wielded humor and adroit political commentary like a dagger that blood was finally drawn. A river of blood as she slashed through Donald’s racist rhetoric and shredded  his “I am the greatest,” platitudes; laying bare a hull with neither substance nor form.  

Yet, it was Elizabeth Warren who delivered the final blow; driving a stake in the heart of a political misanthrope, the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.  The genius of the Warren critique was her connection of Trump to the Republican leadership and its hit job upon the Judiciary.    Warren’s  speech clearly articulated that the Republican Senators ravaged the federal bench by blocking every federal court nominee from the Obama White House; their strategy culminated in obstructing Senate consideration of  Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee to the United States Supreme Court. 

Warren entoned a litany of invective used by the Right to impune the reputation of nominees to the federal district, circuit and Supreme Court.  The Republican Right not only disfavors but disdains an independent judiciary- one that will not bend the law to accommodate the greed of a bloated economic aristocracy.  Indeed, the Republican attack is waged against judicial nominee as well as upon the integrity of the Court, integral to preservation of our Constitutional  Republic.  

Trump is an extension of this cabal and strategy.  He is neither an accident nor a mistaken coincidence, rather he is a direct consequence of the politics of intimidation perfected  by the Republican Right.   Thus, Trump’s racist rant about the objectivity and judicial temperament of Judge Curiel flows from the invective and ad hominem attacks engaged in by McConnell, Cruz, Sessions et al.  This acorn did not fall far from the tree. 

It took two women to pull back the curtain and reveal that Trump is merely a marionette, dancing to the tune of the GOP.  Warren and Clinton made an important connection between the reprehensible conduct of the Republican nominee and the Party he represents. McConnell et al cannot claim shock or surprise at Trump’s words, conduct or subsequent rise to power.  They scripted, nurtured, and incubated this organism that devolved into Donald Trump-Republican Candidate for President.