Donald Trump is Clueless…About the LGBTI Community

Since the Orlando massacre, the Donald’s statements are breathtaking, and not in a good way. Trump claims he is the better ally for our community.  Really!  Did I hear that correctly? Have I suddenly been transported to a parallel planet?

First, who does Donald think makes up the LGBTI community?  Does he not know we are Muslims and Mexicans, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Jewish, Irish and all shades of black, brown, red, white and yellow?  Does the Donald believe that we-a vulnerable minority -shall be lulled into acquiescence by cheap compliments or crocodile tears.  Does he not know, we shall not sign onto his campaign; a campaign riddled with invective, punctuated by assaults upon the human dignity of Muslim, Mexican, immigrants and women.

It is clear that Donald is clueless about oppression, especially oppression against the LGBTI community.  We are cautious when it comes to Republicans.  Very circumspect, indeed.  We remember Reagan and his silence as AIDS killed thousands.  We remember the hate speech of candidates whose last names are Santorum, Huckabee, Cruz.  We have taken note of hate legislation rammed through the legislatures of Texas, North Carolina, Indiana, and Kansas by Republicans.  Such speech and legislation direct attacks upon our dignity.  

So Donald, when you align with a political party that characterizes our marriages as the source for the demise of Western Civilisation or stigmatizes our families by labeling them as fertile ground for pedophilia, you do not deserve either approbation or support. 

You have mastered well the Republican ideology.

Thus, our message to you is:

You will not exploit the pain of June 12, 2016.  You will not appropriate our deaths or our names for political expediency or gain
Not now-Not ever.

We Stand With Our LGBTI Sisters & Brothers

Another massacre.  Another man enters a Pub and, taking aim, unleashes a fusillade of hatred, each bullet at time.  Fifty dead; fifty-three wounded.

The hatred espoused by right wing fundamentalist Christians, incubated and nurtured this violence.  It is not about Islam; rather it is part and parcel of all Abrahamic religious traditions.  The moral paucity of the teachings extolled  by fundamentalist  Christians, Jews and Islamists, is the cannon fodder that contributes to explosions of this kind.

My fear is that the rhetoric of hate will escalate.  Indeed Trump has already begun social media tweets with a rather Byzantine message. It won’t be long before the anti-Muslim sentiment will crescendo into a fever pitch.  With Trump leading the troops.

This was however the type of hatred marked by the lexicon of the right-here in the States.  And this hatred is disguised as an expression of conscience or religious liberty.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Queer bashing, murder, beatings are overt symbols of violence v the LGBTI community.  Yet, refusal of service, denial of public accommodation and the most recent anti-trans laws are a subtle form of violence which denies gay men, lesbians and transgender people human dignity and respect.  And this contempt is fertile ground where such hatred grows.   

It is time to reject and confront ALL those who hold contempt against our community.  It is time to call out the Mateens as well as the Trumps, McConnells, Cruzs, and the sponsors of hate legislation in Texas and North Carolina.   As Hillel said, “…if not now ? When?”  Let never again mean-never again!

In the News

In the case involving the murder of Tom Clements, Colorado Director of Prisons, prosecutors missed an opportunity to charge the white supremacists who helped Evan Ebel escape after he gunned down Clenents in the doorway of his home.  And they will never get the chance to bring them to account.  The statute of limitations has run on the accessory-after-the fact charge; thus, the State is forever barred from charging the perpetrators.   

Questions remain.  Why no investigation?  Why didn’t they act when the report from Texas documented who hid Ebel and helped him to flee?  What more was needed for the DA to act in addition to the report which gave chapter and verse to who assisted Ebel’s sprint out of Colorado.  

White supremacist gang conspired to kill Colorado prisons director, new documents allege