12 June 2016

When Harvey Milk and George Mascone were murdered, there was a candle light march through the streets of San Francisco. A young man was standing along the route as the mourners silently walked past. This young man cried out “Where is your rage! Where is your rage!”

I thought of that moment and this question, whilst watching the vigils which stretched across the US and the world.  

Where is our rage?  

It is transformed into a fierce love; of ourselves, our significant others, our children and our LGBTI community and community of allies.  

Where is our rage?  

It is channeled into political action that will hold to account the purveyors of hate, whether cleric, politician, city clerk or members of Westboro or the Faith in Word Baptist Church.

Where is our rage? It shaped the work we do, the solidarity that defines us and the love we hold deeply in our hearts.

Where is our rage?

It is here

it is now, 

and tomorrow, 

and the tomorrow after that.  

We are the rage. 

 We are the rage that has become radical love and amazement.

And our rage? It shall not be defeated.

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